Roles Competencies pyramid
  • Individual Contributor
  • Team/Crew Lead
  • Managing (People/Projects)
  • Senior Leadership
  • Accountability, Communication, Continued Learner, Flexibility, Initiative, Integrity, Interpersonal Relations, Organization, Problem Solving, Self-Awareness, Teamwork, Technical Knowledge
  • Planning, Directing, Decisiveness, Developing Others, Influencing, Team Building, Conflict Management, Leading by Example
  • Creativity, Financial Management, HR Management, Internal/External Awareness, Partnering, Resilience
  • Innovative, Strategic Thinking, Change Management, External Awareness
How can employees develop within Geo? We grow in our expertise everyday on the job through understanding the direction and expectations provided by our supervisor, using our technical skills to perform work and receiving feedback from our supervisor on the work performed. Feedback comes in the form of:

  • instructions or written procedures,
  • daily objectives or scheduled due dates,
  • edits or corrections to our work,
  • teaching or demonstrating a skill done correctly or
  • a conversation to let us know that we satisfied or did not satisfy the expectations of our job.

The growth of technical skills is one aspect of our development. As important are the behaviors that are expected of us as we perform the technical aspects of our job. To advance oneself we need to develop in both the skills expected at each level and the behaviors or competencies expected at each level.

The diagram above is a roadmap to help you understand the competencies or behaviors expected for each level within the company. Use this in career related discussions with your supervisor and in your own development. This tool is not intended to be a checklist of required skills but rather what we aspire to achieve in the various positions we have within each department. These behaviors, along with the technical skills and/or education requirements, become a profile that you build over time through on-the-job experiences and feedback you initiate and receive every day on the job.

The Leadership Competencies by level illustrates the path of continuous development throughout your entire journey with Geo, beginning with foundational skills at the employee/individual contributor level. As you continue through each level, expectations for competencies from the previous level increase, and additional competencies and expectations are identified.

A career with Geo provides exposure to different types of product offerings, challenging projects as well as team dynamics to identify your unique practices for managing and dealing with these situations. Mastering this set of behaviors promotes personal growth both personally and professionally at every level within the company.

If you’re interested in your personal development, examine yourself against these criteria and get help building a personal growth plan by contacting HR today.