A friend that knows two of my passions: Safety and History/antiques shared this article with me recently. I thought it would be a good reflection as we close out 2016 and look forward to 2017.

Interesting Employees In Accident Prevention

From a address of Mr R.C. Miller PA Train Lines (West)

A Tool Talk from 1919

If we are to get results that will be self-sustaining and permanent, they must not come about from bare instructions from superiors, but we must educate the individual to do these things-not as something in addition to his regular routine work, not as something separate and apart from himself or his gang, but as a part of his every thought , his every movement. He must realize that the safe way to work is the right way to work, and any routine that carries with it , through hurry  or bad practice, any chance of accident from any cause whatever, is the wrong way to work.


We are all prone to consider Safety First as something separate from our daily work, something which has been added to our daily routine-something for which we are called upon to make a strict accounting once each day at a safety meeting. If this is your point of view, what must be the point of view of the ordinary workman who hears of Safety only periodically, as we tell him to do something or not to do it in the interest of safety? You will never see the Accident Prevention Movement a success, so long as you consider it something outside of YOUR work. It must be a part of your work, not wedged in between your other duties, not another duty added, but a undivided part of each detail-something that cannot be divorced therefrom.


I thank you for a Safe 2016. We have had some dents, bruises and band-aids (all recorded on our First Aid log I am sure), but as of today no OSHA recordable accidents! This makes the Geo Safety submittal a  stronger package to a GC deciding which ground improvement company he wants to hire for his next project. You see many repeat customers-  Clark, HITT, Harkins, Tompkins… and they know what you represent for GeoConstructors: safe jobsites with great product.

I wish you and yours a safe holiday season.

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